Crop Defenders Ltd. and Anatis Bioprotection signed a distribution agreement on BioCeres® for Ontario. BioCeres® WP is a mycoinsecticide based on entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana. This product sticks to insects’ cuticle and cause infection resulting in insect death. BioCeres® WP can be used for the biological control of whiteflies, aphids and thrips in greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers and ornamental plants.Click here for more details on BioCeres® WP

Crop Defenders proudly introduces Persimilis Plus (Persimilis+), a special pack for Medicinal Marijuana Growers. Persimilis+ on vermiculite has all life stages present with a balanced sex ratio which provides high quality and very effective spider mite control on medical marijuana crop, and other difficult to control crops. Persimilis+ establishes its population faster and cleans the hotspots quicker than the regular Persimilis. It also provides long term money savings on your biocontrol of spidermites and gives you a peace of mind by providing sustainable pest control. Persimilis+ is a much better alternative to chemical pesticides for spidermite control. Persimilis+ is packaged locally, in Canada, according to growers requested delivery date. Click here for more details on Medicinal Marijuana crop care